Welcome to icywow Sun Mar 2018

Hello and welcome everyone, i'm happy to announce that our server icywow is officially online and contain the realm 'IcyCrown' which is a blizzlike x10.

Realm description : 

XP Rate = x10
Money rates, reputation rates, skill rates, loot rates and all other rates been increased.
New daily / weekly quests.
doing dungeons ( pve ) will earn you honor after finishing the dungeon quest.
new vendors in dalaran that contain pve gear with cost of honor.
3 Teleporters been spawned in the following locations (Orgrimmar next to the Bank, Stromwind next to auction, Dalaran outside the Violet Hold dungeon).

Website control panel contain ( Account Management, buy bonuses ' under Development ', Mounts 'Under Development', Item Shop, Buy character, sell character, view character, recovery character, repair character, vote 'Under Development' )

Selling and buying characters is our new way for getting hight level characters or geared chars.

Feel free to register and login in our website.

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