Merry Christmas YugoWoW Players, i wish you're having a great week because i've currently added a christmas gift in website store which can contain vip token, insane ring and trinket, donor token, terter, gem tokens, transmog tokens and even more ! check this page to see more information about the boxes

Posted by JADADEV on 2018/12/11

Greetings Yugo Players, I finally managed to finish the SIER 5 & Epic gear which will be available for regular players and here is some information about them :
SIER 5 is the last SIER after SIER 4 and to get it you need to finish do the SIER 3 &/ 4 Quests.
Epic Gear is actuallymegration between SIER 5 & TIER 7 and it's actually the best gear ingame which is better than donor gear so for a better explain server now isn't P2W.
You must download our patch which is generated in 11 - 25 - 2018 and also delete your cache to view the correct stats !
A lot of spell fixes and class balancing!


Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/11/25

I'm currently doing a huge advertisement for YugoWoW, Therefor i decided to change the rewarded Donor Points (DP) for any 20€ + Payments ! enjoy -- This offer will End at 12-01-2018 (mm--dd--yyyy)




Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/11/08

Greetings everyone!

After thinking about adding new realms, i decided to add a blizzlike x30 realm.
So you start up at level 1 with 100 gold, max level is 80.
Few Info :

Drop rate : x2 -- Increase chance to drop anything x2.
Drop referenced : x2 -- instead of giving you 1 item it will be 2 and instead of 2 will be 4 and so on.

Kill XP : x30 -- This will be changed after 3 months from 11/01/2018 > 02/01/2018 to x10.
Quest XP : x20 -- This will be changed  after 3 months from 11/01/2018 > 02/01/2018 to x7.

Reputation : x2
Honor : x2
Arena : x2

You're also able to use same account you used to login to Yugo 85 Fun realm.


Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/11/01

Greetings everyone,

I've finally managed to finish Tier 7 Dungeon and this is some information about how to enter and the loots etc..

Question : How to enter ?
Answer : You need to get the quest from npc called 'Instances Quests' which could be found in mall.

Loot will be as following :

After killing any mobs in dungeon you'll get x1 token for each with 100% chance.

First boss will have a chance of 2% to loot Sets and Off sets pieces + Dungeon Token from 5 - 10 with chance of 100%.

Last Boss will have a chance of 2% to loot sets and off sets pieces + 4 different gems ( currently best gems ) with chance of 7% each.

Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/10/30