Merry Christmas and happy new year all yugowow players! 


I wanted to wish you all a great 2019 and also to reward you with 75 DP & 200 VP to all existing accounts.



JadaDev YugoWoW OWNER


Comments (2) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/12/30

GM Applying was closed and after reading a lot of applys i accepted only 3 GM's.



1. Oliver --  GANONDORF 

2. Jacob  --  ACOBJAY001

3. Pratik Shetty  --  HOZERZ



As addtional I'll be accepting Robinson Leo  --  MOONPALADIN due to his bug reports and been very active.

So overall 4 people were accepted and must whisp me on discord in less than 24 hours.

For YugoWoW Players you're free to report anyone of this GM's by PM on Discord make sure to have a prove or you'll be punished for false report.





Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/12/25

The server is currently having a hard time due to VPS issue, and i'm doing my best to get this solved as we may even change from "VPS" to "Dedicated Server" that makes everything run perfectly so i'm working on this guys, sorry for the downtime.
Downtime 12 hours
From 12 - 23 - 2018 4:00 AM GMT +1
To 12 - 23 - 2018 4 PM GMT +1

I'm very sorry about this!



Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/12/23

Merry Christmas YugoWoW Players, i wish you're having a great week because i've currently added a christmas gift in website store which can contain vip token, insane ring and trinket, donor token, terter, gem tokens, transmog tokens and even more ! check this page to see more information about the boxes

Posted by JADADEV on 2018/12/11

Greetings Yugo Players, I finally managed to finish the SIER 5 & Epic gear which will be available for regular players and here is some information about them :
SIER 5 is the last SIER after SIER 4 and to get it you need to finish do the SIER 3 &/ 4 Quests.
Epic Gear is actuallymegration between SIER 5 & TIER 7 and it's actually the best gear ingame which is better than donor gear so for a better explain server now isn't P2W.
You must download our patch which is generated in 11 - 25 - 2018 and also delete your cache to view the correct stats !
A lot of spell fixes and class balancing!


Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2018/11/25