I'm currently starting an offer for a full character with different prices : 

Full EPIC - 500 VP ( gear + gems) -- Addtional Items Included
Full Broklan - 600 VP ( gear + gems) -- Addtional Items Included

Full YUGO - 1500 VP ( gear + lvl5 gems ) -- Only

Full DONATOR - 600 DP ( gear + lvl5 gems) -- Best Addtional Items Included

Full YUGO - 800 DP ( gear + lvl5 gems + Asfour Mount ) -- Best Addtional Item Included
Full Ultimate -- 1000 DP -- ( Full + Asfour Mount + Best Items )


This is Non-End Offer.

Information / Prices can be changed in any time.

In order to have any of this PM me on Discord : JadaDev#5199

Posted by JADADEV on 2019/03/01

Well since a lot of players to not say everyone was requesting to increase back stats to what it was so i though it's time to do it but it'll be a bit less do that gonna have some challenge.

Due to this changes and Due to the new gears and the new Donator gear : 

Anyone that donated before will have Extra 200 DP.
All Players existing will have 20 DP  and 50 VP.

Best Regards

Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2019/02/13

Hello guys,


So the Event is pretty simple and easy to do as first this are the requirements : 

1. You must have YouTube Channel.
2. Video Should contains New Character Leveling from the start to 255.
3. Video must be in HD ( Min 720p )
4. Video Length shouldn't be more than 20 Min so you can simply use Speedup.
5. Include the commands to get back to quest give ( .questzone 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ) 

Only 1 Person will be the winner and i will put his video in new tab "Guides" 

Others who participate will have 20 DP & 50 VP 

Notes : 

If the Video include Music it won't be even counted ( Copyrights ) so Else use your voice to explain or Text around the Video or NonCopyRight music. 
Video must be in English
If you was a paticipent or winner and your video is deleted by you or hidded by youtube your reward will be removed.

What will be noticed : 

1. Video Quality
2. English Grammar ( text ) or Video sound if you talk.
3. The Publisher Channel Subscribers / Viewers. that actually will help too.

How will you post the video : 
Simply put a comment with the Video URL

Event ENDS after 2 Weeks Good luck everyone.

Comments (3) Posted by JADADEV on 2019/02/04

Greetings YugoWoW Players

Currently I have been updating the server from the old 85 to 255 with a lot of new contents and this is some notes about the process : 

1. All Characters - Accounts are there Nothing is deleted.
2. All your items that you earned and it's required level changed to 255 can be found in mailbox.
3. Returning any mailbox or items won't get your items back again.
4. You will be spawned as level 85 and levelup to 255.
5. If you're an old player you'll be spawned naked, if the character is madely new you'll get instant starter gear.
6. Server have only 2 - 3 Items removed ( changed ) noone will feel it because they weren't even used.
7. You'll need to download the new Patch from here : http://www.yugowow.com/page/downloads
. Christmas Event is done so then all the christmas stuff that is in the store and the quests ingame will be removed besides the bag & Buffs - morphs ingame.

more information will be here soon stay tuned!

Best Regards
JadaDev YugoWoW OWNER

Posted by JADADEV on 2019/02/04

Alright so i finally managed to finish the 255 realm with only 2 days delay Here is what will happen : 02 - 04 - 2019 from 12h00 AM GMT +1 ( Server time ) server will be offline to apply the BETA realm. After everything is done you'll find that the 85 Fun have been changed to the 255 It will be officially released. Note : The update can take from 1h to 5h in the meantime you can Communicate on Discord

Comments (0) Posted by JADADEV on 2019/02/03